泡沫雕刻机 | 2020-11-28

Chinese technology conglomerate LeEco said it plans to eliminate about 325 jobs in the US and sharply reduce research-and-development operations.中国高新科技集团公司乐视称之为,方案在美裁去大概325个岗位并大幅减缩产品研发业务。While weve made progress in growing our distribution channels, the challenges with raising new capital have made it difficult in the past few months to support our business priorities, LeEco said in a statement last Tuesday.乐视上周二在一份申明中称之为:“尽管我们在添加营销渠道层面得到 了进度,但过去几个月里,筹集新的资产层面的挑戰促使抵制业务优先选择性看起来艰辛。”As a result, the capital we do have will have to be highly focused, resulting in a significant restructuring and streamlining of our business, operations and workforce.“因而,现阶段大家手头上的资产将必不可少集中精力,这导致了全局性资产重组和业务、经营及其职工总数的精减。


”The job cuts affect all of the company’s departments, but especially the RD team, according to the company.乐视称之为,本次裁员蔓延到该企业的全部单位,但研发部门遭受的危害更为相当严重。The San Diego office, which employed primarily people working in RD, is closing and employees left at the whittled-down US business will focus on serving customers who have already purchased LeEco devices.圣迭戈服务处将被再开,这儿的职工多是研发人员,在已被推进的美国业务中交给的职工将专心致志于向早就售卖乐视商品的顾客获得服务项目。LeEco will continue to sell its smartphones, smart TVs, TV set-top boxes and accessories in the US.乐视将以后在美国市场销售智能机、智能电视机、网络机顶盒和零配件。


But after the downsize, marketing efforts will be focused on the Chinese language community in the US.但此次裁员后,乐视的营销推广工作中将枪击美国讲到汉语的人群。